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Leonardo event
What’s life without a soundtrack? Everybody needs to tune into life’s big and small moments…
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In the words of the beautiful Snoh Aalegra, “Music is the thing that keeps us feeling.”


Whether you’re meditating at home, getting ready for an unforgettable experience, or just enjoying a lovely outdoor picnic – every moment in life is so much better with a soundtrack. And that’s the best thing about The Suite; here you’ll find a playlist for every mood and occasion. Curated by some of your favourite celebrities, it’s a glimpse into what they’re listening to; the music that keeps them going.


So, in future editions, expect amazing playlists with gorgeous tunes from your favourite artists. We’re only getting started, but here's what we've been listening to in the meantime...



Our playlists can be accessed on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Tidal. If you’re not subscribed to one yet, why not give Spotify Free a go?



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