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Make-up maven Lungile Thabethe shares her red lippy tips and secrets
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We caught up with make-up influencer Lungile Thabethe to get the DL on how she pulls off the perfect red lip. All. Day. Long.


When did your love of lippy begin?  

My lipstick journey began with random raids of my older sister’s makeup bags in my early teenage years. A stunning lipstick was always my greatest find. Numerous raids later and here I am!  


What’s your favourite red? 

It’s not about a particular brand – what’s important is the undertone. During the day, a red with a warm undertone is perfect for a brunch with friends. For an evening look, I love a cool red – I find it more sultry. 


We all know that the secret to a good make-up look is to pick a battle. Few people can pull off an all-over kaleidoscope. What’s the rule for red lips?

Dewy skin, wispy eyelashes and winged eyeliner is a classic combination if you’re going for red lipstick. 


Favourite finish?

Matte red – when it’s applied correctly. However, if you want to turn heads, there’s nothing more eye-catching than gloss on a red lip. 




Secrets to prep your lips for application:

1)  Use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells that could make your lipstick look flaky. I use a mix of organic honey, brown sugar and coconut oil – it’s an effective exfoliating scrub. 

2) Moisturise! It’s so important to invest in a good lip balm. In the same way that makeup looks better on hydrated skin, your lips need to be moisturised if you want to create the perfect red pout.


The perfect finish:

1) Use a red lip liner to outline your lips to help with precision.

2) Use a flat lip brush to apply the lipstick to ensure it goes on in thin layers that you can build on.

3) Clean up the edges of your lips after application with a flat concealer brush. For even more precision, apply a small amount of concealer that matches your skin tone to the brush.


How do you give your lippy staying power?

1) Allow your lip balm to set or dry before you start applying your lipstick – oils will make your lipstick smear.

2) Use the same red lip liner that you used to outline your lips, and fill them in to create a grippy base for the lipstick to hold onto. 

3) Lightly pat translucent powder in between each layer of lipstick you apply to set it.


What is your favourite memory while wearing a red lippy?

During my first-ever makeup masterclass, I wore a tailor-made, all-black outfit: leather pants, a power blazer, brogues and a bold red lip. I felt strong and confident, and this was evident during my presentation. Looking back, it was not necessarily about how perfect my lipstick was, but the feeling of confidence the red lipstick evoked in me. It was exactly what I needed. 




BONUS QUESTION: How do you keep your red lipstick from transferring to your glass when sipping your Brutal Fruit?

I stick to a matte-finish lipstick when I know I’ll be indulging in one of my favourite beverages!

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