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Let The Suite show you how to glam up your pics for the ’gram. Monthly we’ll share our exclusive preset filters created just for you.
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Ever wonder how the Instafamous get that way? With gorgeous filters and carefully selected image presets, of course. Every month in The Suite, we’ll offer you our exclusive image presets to light up your IG feed and glam up those pics.


It’s as easy as shoot, set and share!




Look for natural light before making your own

The flashlight of a smartphone doesn’t flatter anyone, no matter what pose you strike.


A little framing goes a long way

If it is a selfie, try different angles between the camera lens and your face. For beautiful plated food, try taking the pic from the top, play around and see what works.


Steady yourself — or use a tripod

If your shots of the city skyline look a little off-kilter, or your images during sunset seem a bit blurry, try using a tripod or a book, or even a tabletop.


2. SET

Now to take it to the NEXT LEVEL!


Download the Lightroom App

Make sure you’ve got the Lightroom mobile app on your phone. You can get it on Android and Apple iOS


Download your preset filter

The Suite will provide you with new presets to download monthly. So keep an eye on our editions and download the latest ones as they’re released.


Airbrush your picture

Open your Lightroom app, select your best pic, apply your chosen preset and save.



Open Instagram and get sharing.


Start a new post and choose the best crop

You can move the pic’s position; zoom in and select a part of the image by pinching your phone screen.


Write the caption and use our hashtags

Share what inspired you to take the picture, use our special hashtags and we might just find you and make you more famous!


Check out our hashtags to see the pictures your friends have posted

Remember to like their images, tap the heart icon and share the love.


Make your event pics pop and the bright lights really sparkle with exclusive preset filter downloads from The Suite.



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