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Cynthia Gwebu shows off bright pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow and flawless lashes for spring 2021
Digital creator Cynthia Gwebu shares her tips on how to elevate your makeup look this season
Cynthia Gwebu shows off bright pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow and flawless lashes for spring 2021
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By Cynthia Gwebu


As we step into spring, following a year that has been anything but normal, we are all in need of a bit of fun – especially when it comes to makeup.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your eyeshadow or revamp your lipstick shade, this season is all about being bold, vibrant and colourful. We’re not allowing mask-wearing to get in the way of having fun, so I think you’ll enjoy trying these trendy looks at home for a Zoom call or socially distanced rendezvous.


Spring Beauties

Popping Peepers

Let your eyes do the talking by experimenting with bright, buttery eyeshadows or bold liquid liners. Either way, bold colour is the way to go - candy pinks and neon greens are all the rage.


I love to add a splash of colour to the inner corner of the eye. It’s light and simple enough to suit any daytime occasion. For extra glam, pop on some faux lashes or double up on a coat of your favourite mascara.

Faux Freckles

Over the seasons we have seen makeup looks that promote natural beauty become more popular. Whether you’re foregoing foundation altogether, or opting to add faux freckles to appear naturally sun-kissed, celebrating your skin will be a winner this spring.


My only tip is to remember to use a medium-to-dark-brown liquid liner rather than black. Using light-handed pressure, strategically scatter dots around the centre of your face, where you envision your freckles would be. Using a brown liquid liner and remaining light-handed will ensure your faux freckles appear as natural as possible.


­­Lovely Lips

A sure-fire way to get a jump on your springtime makeup look is to swap out winter’s broody burgundy for spring’s splashy shades. The go-to hues for this season are fuchsia pinks, zesty oranges and eye-catching reds. For the makeup look I created, I opted to match my lids by going for a blue-toned fuchsia that pops.


So, there you have it! These are just some of the ways to elevate your makeup look for spring and they are all super-easy.


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