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Organised closet space with neatly arranged items of clothing, accessories and boxes
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Organised closet space with neatly arranged items of clothing, accessories and boxes
How a personal shopper can help you curate the spring-ready collection of your dreams
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In our pre-pandemic world, it was all about fast-fashion, abundance and quick purchases. Since the onset of Covid-19, however, many of us have been forced to pause, reset and re-evaluate our wardrobes based on the essentials we need to look and feel good. And what better time to do this than spring? With the help of a personal shopper, of course.


What is a Personal Shopper?

Pippa J  – a personal stylist and blogger – describes a personal shopper as “someone who goes out and finds pieces of clothing on behalf of a client, so that when the client goes into the store, the pieces have already been pre-selected”.


For many, shopping can be an incredibly stressful task. You move from shop to shop, trying to hunt down clothing you like, but you're frequently left disappointed, unable to find the exact style, colour or trend that will suit you. Susra Matthee – a former fashion editor, personal shopper and owner of an image consultancy company – explains that the pandemic has affected the way people shop.


“Working from home, less socialising and spending more time indoors has impacted the way we dress, as many people have traded in their usual way of dressing for a much more comfortable aesthetic,” she says.


Why do you need a personal shopper?

Lawyer Zulpha Karriem says her personal shopper has saved her time, energy and money. “I have a dedicated person who is focused on shopping for clothing items that will suit my body shape and lifestyle.”

For those who are stuck in a fashion rut (read: tee and sweatpants) and need a complete wardrobe overhaul – especially as we head into a new season – a personal shopper can be a style saver. As experts in the field, personal shoppers can assess your current wardrobe, help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of, and advise you on what you should purchase to create a wardrobe that’s versatile and stylish.


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How do I find a personal shopper?

Employing the services of a personal stylist or shopper isn’t something reserved solely for the Hollywood elite. Today, these professionals are far more accessible and accommodating to your budget. Word-of-mouth is, of course, the best way to find a reputable stylist, but trawling social media platforms such as Instagram is also a great way to find one. Or, if you'd prefer to shop from your couch, websites such as can be a big help.

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